Clock of the month May – “Amsterdammer”

One of the more high end antique clocks for sale at Dutch Antiques is the “Amsterdammer” – a Dutch longcase clock, named after the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

This colossal and impressive clock measures 285m and is a fine addition to a larger space at home or in an office.

When we look at the finer details of the clock we see that the oak case is veneered with walnut. The dial is made of brass with a moon and calendar phase in the arch.

But it’s not just the visual and physical presence that makes this clock great.  With a Dutch strike on two bells, this clock also stimulates the ear as much as it stimulates the eye. With a beautiful sound and an impressive size, this clock is an excellent choice for an antique collector or someone who is looking to give a finishing touch to a special room.