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Wall clocks are the most common clocks we have around; they are specifically designed to be mounted on walls in homes, premises, and office to show time. They have a harmonic oscillator and a resonator which keeps vibrating at a given frequency. A resonator can either be a quartz crystal, a pendulum or vibrating electrons. Analog wall clocks indicate time using angles while digital ones have a numeric representation of time.

Antique wall clocks are decorative pieces and interior furnishes of many households. High-quality antiques are valuable and quite pricey as well.

Early innovations were erroneous until the mechanical water powered clock was made. This was replaced by spring; the pendulum was then innovated until recently when electric clocks powered by batteries were in use. Then the quartz was innovated and now atomic clocks are considered the most accurate clocks in existence.

There are a wide variety of wall clocks some of which include:

  • Cuckoo clocks – It symbolizes a house with a cuckoo bird that signals every half hour or hour with a cuckoo call
  • Regulator wall clocks – They use weight driven mechanism which is more accurate compared to the spring driven mechanism.
  • Banjo clocks – It follows the shape of a banjo and the long casing is for hiding the pendulum.
  • Schoolhouse wall clocks – Used mostly in schools and other public offices, these clocks have a trunk extension which houses the pendulum and has a door for easily monitoring pendulum movements.
  • Gallery wall clocks – It is almost used by dialing, and hardly has any casing extension beneath the clock’s face.
  • Grandfather wall clocks – It is a grandfather clock with a long casing but indicated to be hanged.
  • Decorative wall clocks – These are meant to compliment the exterior of a room and are mostly required for its style.
  • Novelty wall clocks – Their styles vary from simple to complicated styles and designs and also incorporate famous people into their designs.

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