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Antique Turret Clocks are traditionally huge clocks for towers on clock towers, schools, churches, mosques, and any other public building. They were invented in the 11th century powered by water; although they had so many disadvantages with them freezing during winter. Later designs used verge instead of water, which was then replaced by the pendulum until the 19th century when electric turret clocks were introduced.

Antique turret clocks can last many decades with good care. However, the suspending pendulum should be checked regularly for rust, cracking as it can be dangerous in case it falls. The movement should be kept from dust and regularly checking for any holes or cracks where dust can penetrate through and if possible seal or replace the covers.

This timeless piece of an antique can be used even at home, since there are quite smaller sizes and they do well outside as that was the original intention of the turret clock. Their quality is great, they are made to last and will be of service for years and generations to come. It will never go out of style, it is timeless and as long as it is showing time it will always be serving its purpose.

An antique turret clock is usually the crowning glory of a building or home and sometimes even a landmark from the days when they were primary indicators of time. Regular maintenance is necessary since they are placed in an exposed place and it also guarantees longer serving periods.

There are different models of turret clocks which include;

  • Verge and foliot clocks – These are mechanical with the oscillation of once per hour of the ground wheel led to the oscillation of the crown wheel.
  • Mercury turret clocks – These are designed to work in all conditions.
  • Pendulum turret clocks – These are more accurate compared to verge and foliot turret clocks.
  • Electric turret clocks – These are either purely electric operated or a hybrid where they are operated both manually and with an electric motor.

We often have antique turret clocks for sale (fluctuating stock levels) as well from different countries, manufacturers, and different years of manufacture.  If you can’t find what you are looking for here, contact us and we shall be happy to source it for you. We are located in Perth, Australia. But we supply both nationally and internationally to Italy, German, Austria, UK, and the USA.