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There have been different kinds of barometers invented throughout human history. An Italian inventor used mercury and a glass tube to measure changes in pressure. But the first working barograph was invented around 1760 by Alexander Cumming, who had a background in watchmaking However, the invention didn’t work all that well. The design was improved upon in the 1800’s when Lucien Vidi created a barograph that used stacked aneroid cells, which are small, flexible boxes, to measure changes in atmospheric pressure.

An antique barograph barometer works in a fairly simple manner: the aneroid cell will expand or contract depending on external changes in pressure, and the attached lever or needle will then record those changes on a roll of graph paper. Barographs have had many uses over the years. The most obvious use, of course, is for measuring pressure changes in order to help predict the weather. Drops in atmospheric pressure can tell Meteorologists that a low-pressure weather front is on the way, which means rain and windy conditions. Barographs have also been used in the aviation field to measure, predict, and monitor changes in altitude as well as elevation changes during flights.

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