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Antique Barometers

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The antique clock is an awesome collectible both for your office and room. The barometer is basically used in the measurement of atmospheric pressure, a weather phenomenon that influences directly many other phenomena such as temperature. That is how useful the barometer is.

Back to the antique barometer, this timeless instrument has been crafted with high-quality wood. The wood at most times is either mahogany, teak or oak depending on your individual tastes and preferences. It may have a metallic lining which depends on its exquisiteness may be crafted from silver or gold but most are crafted from copper. The metallic detail adds to the beauty and splendor of this instrument.

It may consist either of a dial or a stick measurement. The dial of a movable arm and the barometer will resemble a clock. The movable arm will be able to point at the right pressure indication. The inside of the dial is mostly made out of a metal plate with the numeral calibrations to represent the pressure readings. The metal plate is mostly reflective white for one to be able to see the pressure readings even if it is dark. At times instead of the metal plate, a wooden platform is used complete with the numeral calibrations and it may be painted in a reflective color for easy reading in dark conditions.

The stick measurement type comes in a tower-like shape and has its numeral calibrations in a vertical manner. A movable arm connected to lever will be able to point to the right pressure reading as expected. The platform which has the numerical calibrations also comes in reflective colors for it to be easily read in the darkness.

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The barometers became a constant in many households almost 200 years after their invention in the mid-1600s. Mostly created in Britain which was famed for its classy clocks and other instruments, it was common in most households for weather interpretation. It was also used as a statement of sophistication more so the ones with intricate designs and incorporating high-quality wood or precious metals such as gold.

At the moment they are bought as collectables and also for aesthetic purposes either for the office or living room. We often have a variety barometers in stock (fluctuating stock levels) if you need one to spruce up your office or waiting lounge. We are located in Perth in Australia and we ship to other countries such as the USA, England, and Canada.