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Antique Clocks

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At Dutch Time Pieces we have a wide variety of antique clocks for sale. If you are looking for a specific antique clock and you can’t find it on our site, please contact us. We may have it in stock or we can source it for you.

Bracket/mantle clocks

Bracket and mantle clocks are not the same. The bracket clock, as its name implies, was made to stand on matching bracket fixed to the wall. Mantle clocks would stand on the mantle shelf/fireplace.

We have many antique mantle clocks for sale as well as antique bracket clocks.

Grandfather, longcase and tall clocks

Antique grandfather clocks, long case clocks or tall clocks are freestanding, weight driven pendulum clocks with the pendulum held inside the clock case. They come with brass or painted dials. Each  country has its own characteristic design. The first long case clock appeared in ca.1660. We sell clocks all over the world from the UK to the Asia and from Australia to the US.

Wall clocks

Antique wall clocks are popular across the world. There are many people from the UK, US, Australia, but also Asia and the rest of Europe interested in buying and owning antique wall clocks. We have many antique wall clocks for sale.

Wall clocks are clocks which hang on the wall by a hole in the back of the clock or a wrought iron hook. Wall clocks are weight driven, spring driven or battery operated. The weight driven clocks are the oldest variations of the wall clock.

Carriage clocks

A carriage clock is a small spring driven clock, designed for travelling and introduced in the early 19th century. The case is usually plain or gilded. The movement is regulated by the platform which sits on top of the movement which is visible through the glass on the top of the case. You can find various antique carriage clocks for sale in the overview above. We serve customers globally, so if you are from the US, UK, Australia or another country, feel free to contact us for a quote to ship an antique carriage clock safely and securely to you.


A chronometer is a specific type of mechanical timepiece tested and certified to meet precision standards. A timekeeper is used for marine navigation. They usually house in timber cases. We have various antique chronometers for sale. Please keep in mind that our assortment changes regularly, so make sure you come back once every few weeks to see what we have available.

Electric clocks

An electric clock is a clock powered by electricity. Either through a main or battery. The term is often applied to the electrically powered mechanical clocks that were used before the quartz clocks were introduced. Antique electric clocks are very interesting section in timekeeping and often ignored by the clock collector. On our site you will find various antique electric clocks for sale.

Feel free to browse through our assortment and if you are looking for a very specific antique electric clock, send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you find what you are looking for.