Antique Clocks in Perth: Welcome to Dutch Antiques

Founded in 1980, we repair and restore barometers and antique clocks, since 2002 in Perth.

We also have a wide variety of antique clocks, antique barometers, scientific instruments and other interesting antique items for sale.

When your clock has missing parts, you can count on us to hand craft the replacement to suit its original age and style. Additionally, our clockmaker’s experience and our extensive library of resources allow us to maintain that authenticity. For barometers, on the other hand, our workshop has a range of parts for replacement or restoration. We also restore painted dials and cabinets when you need us to.

At Dutch Antiques, here is what our clock repair services have for you:

  • Fully guaranteed work
  • Free quotes
  • Guaranteed prices
  • Most work completion in four to six weeks
  • House calls in the Perth metro area

Antique Clock Repairs and Restoration by a Qualified Clockmaker

Jot Rijks, our qualified clockmaker, does all barometer and clock repairs in Perth from our fully equipped workshop.

He attended a 4-year full-time study at the Christiaan Huygens School in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1975. He gained further experience at Garrard’s Crown Jewelers in London and in the United States. He also had his own business back in the Netherlands.

In 2002, he moved to Perth, where he started on Stirling Highway in Claremont. In 2013, he moved into his own premises in Nedlands, but remained on Stirling Highway.