Five different styles of pocket watches

When it comes to telling time, one might think the task mundane. But not so when you’re doing so with an antique pocket watch. Held in your hand, a pocket watch is more than a mere timekeeping instrument—it is a piece of history, a work of art, a testament to human ingenuity. This small, sophisticated mechanism is symbolic of an era when time was respected and precision celebrated.

For those who are fascinated by the world of antique clocks, barometers, and pocket watches, we present five distinctive styles that encapsulate the evolution, beauty, and functionality of these timeless pieces.

The Open Face Pocket Watch

Also known as the Lepine watch, this style emerged in the late 18th century. In contrast to other styles, the open face pocket watch lacks a protective metal cover. Instead, the face and hands are exposed, allowing for quick and easy reading of the time. This design is simple yet elegant, showcasing the watch’s face and often featuring an exhibition caseback that reveals the intricate inner workings of the mechanism—a captivating sight for any horology enthusiast.

The Hunter Case Pocket Watch

Named after the ‘hunting’ gentlemen who originally used them, these watches are characterized by a metal case that covers the dial for protection. Opening this lid—a satisfying action performed with the press of a button—reveals the watch face. Hunter case pocket watches often feature intricate engravings on the outer case, making them not only practical timepieces but also exquisite items of jewelry.

The Half-Hunter Case Pocket Watch

A variation of the Hunter style, the Half-Hunter adds a dash of practicality. While it retains the protective cover, a small window or a set of cut-out numbers are incorporated into the lid, allowing one to tell the time without having to open the case. These watches beautifully blend the sturdiness of the Hunter case with the convenience of the Open face.

The Demi-Hunter Case Pocket Watch

The Demi-Hunter is a further evolution of the Half-Hunter design. Alongside the window or number cut-outs, these watches sport additional engravings or markings around the viewing area, providing a more decorative touch. This elegant solution strikes a balance between protection, readability, and design sophistication.

The Double Hunter Pocket Watch

Akin to a precious locket, the Double Hunter pocket watch features protective lids on both the front and back. This design not only safeguards the dial but also the inner movements, which can often be seen through a crystal back cover. Double Hunter pocket watches are a favorite among collectors due to their symmetrical design and the ritualistic pleasure of opening both cases.

These antique pocket watches carry stories of their time, whispering tales of technological advancements, changing fashion trends, and the human pursuit of precision. Each style has its charm, bearing witness to the craft and creativity of watchmakers from centuries past.


Whether you’re a passionate collector or a curious novice, pocket watches offer an enchanting foray into the artistry of antique timepieces. Much like our treasured antique clocks and barometers, these watches symbolize a time when people were as captivated by the measurement of time as they were by time itself. Step into our world, and let us help you find the pocket watch that sings to you in ticks and tocks, whispering the melodies of yesteryears.