Decorating your home with antique clocks

If you are planning to redo the décor in your home, or are interested in making more subtle changes, antique clocks can have an amazing transformative effect.  Antique clocks are both works of art, as well as functioning appliances that serve an important function.  Sure, you probably have a smartphone in your pocket, but sometimes you might need a quick break from it.  Maybe you’re sitting on the couch relaxing, and rather than reaching for your phone you’d prefer to glance across the room instead.  The point is that you don’t really need a clock.  Nobody in the modern world really needs a clock, there are a lot of other ways to tell time.  But, despite this, just about every home or business you walk into has a clock on the wall.  So, you need a clock on the wall, or shelf, so why not make it a thing of beauty instead of a lifeless modern clock?

Once you realize how much sense it makes to use antique clocks to decorate your home, next you’ll need to decide how to do it.  You need a carefully thought-out plan.  If one antique clock is good, putting several up around your home is better, right? Not necessarily.  If you have a large home and the clocks fit in with the décor, it could work.  Or, you could just be putting things up to put them up without any type of plan, in which case those beautiful clocks could end up just being clutter.

The first thing you need to do when you’ve made the excellent decision to invest in an antique clock for your home is to decide what style of clock will work for you.  Unless you are planning to redo your entire home and decorate based on the style of your new clock, you’ll need to choose a clock that fits in.  You’ll also need to choose one that’s appealing to you, so you have to be a bit picky and only choose a clock that fits both of those criteria.

Next, you need to think about your budget.  What can you afford? What are you comfortable spending? You don’t want to buy a cheap antique clock, if you do it’s going to usually be obvious that it’s a cheap clock.  You also don’t want to break the bank on a new clock, so you need to find a happy medium.  Find a clock that is affordable on your budget, while still being pricey enough to add the elegance and class to your home that you want it to.

Where should you place an antique clock in your home? Well, anywhere you want to, it’s your home.  But, if you are being pragmatic, you’ll want to place the clock somewhere that will be beneficial.  If it’s sitting in the corner out of sight it defeats the purpose of having it.   Your antique clock should hold a place of prominence in your home and be a centerpiece.  Ideally you will have it displayed in a prominent place with accessories around it that help to enhance it’s appeal.