What Are Skeleton Clocks?

If you are an afficionado of mechanical clocks, then a skeleton clock is probably one of the most appealing types of clocks that you are likely to ever see.  What makes mechanical clocks so intriguing are their inner workings.  They don’t have some soulless computer keeping the passage of time, they have intricate mechanisms that work in concert to accurately record each second that passes.  Quality mechanical clocks, even antique ones, can be as accurate at their modern digital counterparts.  The level of engineering required to pull of this amazing feat is astounding, even more so when you consider the time that many of these engineering marvels were constructed in. Imagine a clockmaker working by candlelight or using a lantern to illuminate his workspace and created a machine that is accurate as what is mass produced by automated factories today.  That’s astonishing!

Why should a skeleton clock hold special interest for those that love mechanism driven clocks? A skeleton clock is so named because it is constructed in a manner that allows you to see how it works.  The casing and other elements that would normally conceal the internal parts, and their movements, are not present.  They are specifically designed to allow people to see how they work, to give people the opportunity to marvel at the spectacular engineering that went into their creation.

With most mechanical clocks the only indication of what is going on behind the scenes is rhythmic, audible ticking of the mechanisms as the hands march forward.  It’s easy to forget just how much is going on behind the scenes, and that’s a shame.  The inner workings of beautiful, antique clock should be admired and appreciated, but far too often they are simply forgotten about.

Antique French Skeleton Clock

With a skeleton clock there is little chance of this happening.  Since you can see the inner workings of the clock, it’s virtually impossible to overlook what is going on.  You can see the gears turn in concert as the track the passing of each second and turn the hands of the clock forward.  The ticking sound takes on an entirely new meaning when you can see what is making the sound and appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into creating such an intricate device.

For clock lover’s skeleton clocks are an amazing marvel, and what make them truly unique is that even people that aren’t interested in clocks will find them interesting.  How many people can look at a magnificent clock and not take a few moments to marvel at it? Only those that have no imagination or appreciation for beauty and engineering, that’s all.  For anyone else, the captivating movements of a skeleton clock may offer a momentary reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They offer a glimpse into a tiny world where everything moves like clockwork, and the precision is something that can be appreciated and admired.

If you’re interested in a acquiring a skeleton clock, then please feel free to ask us about our collection. In most cases skeleton clocks are mantel clocks. We’d be happy to give you the opportunity to marvel and appreciate them, so you can decide which one should go home with you today.