History of Dutch Antiques

Less than a year ago the founder and owner of Dutch Antiques, also known as Dutch Time Pieces, celebrated the start of 40 years’ experience in the industry. From the rich history of its founder Jot to the diverse assortment Dutch Antiques offers, it’s an intriguing journey with an infinite amount of stories, like every piece of antique has its own set of stories.

The founder Jot Rijks

We have to go back to 1975, when Jot Rijks started his study at the Christiaan Huygens School in Rotterdam. A famous and well respected clockmaking school in the Netherlands.

However Jot’s interest reached further than the Dutch borders. Since he finished his study his remarkable expertise and enthusiasm for antique time pieces brought him to London, the United States and finally in Perth, Western Australia where he has setup shop. Jot has been a member of Watch and Clockmakers of Australia and Antiquarian Horology Society.

Dutch Antiques

After Jot moved with his entirely family to Western Australia, Jot’s vision on what he wanted to offer Western Australians was clear, to provide Perth with quality repair services for antique clocks and barometers and to offer a unique assortment of antique clocks, barometers and scientific equipment for sale. It’s his passion for clocks and honest approach that has made Dutch Antiques one of the best known antique clock shops and repair services in Perth.

Dutch Antiques can be found at unit 23, 145 Stirling Highway in Nedlands since 2010 and online at dutchtimepieces.com. Although we are located in Perth, Western Australia, we sell clocks both nationally and internationally.