Wide Diversity of Clocks Reference Books

One thing that horologists, watch enthusiasts, and antique clock collectors possibly have in common is the interest in clock reference books. After all, the world of clocks and watches can be as fascinating as its complicated parts. And, with a rich history dating back to when people tell time using sundials and water clocks or use the weather and the stars as a guide to changes in seasons, there’s no wonder why clocks tap many people’s curiosity.

Fortunately, there are many clock reference books out there that watch lovers can access. Many are available in bookshops, while some are in local libraries. However, there are quite a few that are rare and hard to find, making them a prized item for someone who is looking for antique collectibles, like antique clocks for sale.

What are Clock Reference Books and What are Their Uses?

Clock reference books offer a vast ocean of knowledge, be it for a seasoned collector or a newbie trying to know the difference between a verge escapement and a cylinder escapement.

Over the centuries, authors, scientists, and horologists have written books about clocks and watches, sharing their knowledge and experiences about clock-making and everything related to it. People would scour antique stores, specialty shops, and the internet to get their hands on horological reference books to learn more about clocks.

Some books provide in-depth information about clock-making. Other books focus on a specific type of clock or watch, how it is made, and how it evolved over the passage of time. There are books that compile a list of people who had made significant contributions, either through their ideas or their inventions involving clock production, clock repair, or other methods of measuring and telling time.

What are Examples of Clocks Reference Books?

Below are some examples of reference books about clocks and watches any horology enthusiast would like to have on their bookshelf.

The History of Clocks and Watches by Eric Burton

Originally published in 1979, Burton’s “The History of Clocks and Watches”, takes the reader on a journey starting with the use of the elements, like sun and water to measure time. The last chapter of the book brings the reader to the age of technology, highlighting digital watches. Along with detailed texts, chapters of this book are filled with illustrations of the different timepieces and diagrams of clock mechanisms.

Story of Time by Kristen Lippincott

The Story of Time compiles reflections about the meaning of time from world-renowned experts in the fields of history, art, science, and philosophy, including Umberto Eco and Sir Ernst Gombrich. This book also contains vivid imagery of artifacts, calendars from Ancient Egypt, clock paintings of Dali, and photographs of space taken from the Hubble telescope.

Huygens Legacy: The Golden Age of the Pendulum Clock by Hans van den Ende

Pendulum clocks of significant historical value are featured in this book. Each entry shows the clock’s photos and describes the clock’s movement, escapement, dial, and other mechanisms, followed by a description of the clock’s relevance in the overall narrative. It also showcases brief biographies of the clockmakers represented in the book.

The Watch & Clock Makers’ Handbook by F.J. Bitten

Considered as an encyclopedia for hobbyists, students, and history buffs, this book contains vast information on different terms, definitions, tools, and techniques about making clocks and watches.

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