Antique Clocks – Buyer beware: Originals, Fakes & Bad marriages

At Dutch Antiques, we do not only have antique clocks for sale, we also educate on antique clocks. We know all about antique grandfather clocks with their popular pendulums, either floor models or wall mounted; antique bracket clocks with their weight driven pendulums; the classic mounted antique wall clock; antique carriage clocks, unique devices designed with springs and for travel; antique chronometers which are used for astronomy and marine navigation; the turret, or tower, clock, which you’ll find high up in public buildings; and the electric clock.

The market is flooded with flat out scammers and, sadly, dealers who don’t really know the value of their merchandise and can’t give buyers the best deal. The internet has made the sales of fakes even easier as often people buy without seeing the clocks first and sometimes it’s harder to check the credibility of the seller. Clocks can be found, but it can be a chore to verify originals, or to gauge bad marriages and fakes.

The first thing we suggest is never take an unknown dealer at face value. Many are honest and reliable, but some are not and others simply lack the necessary education. Always work with a highly regarded and experienced company like Dutch Antiques when dealing with antique clocks.

A trusted dealer will be on point. We’ll know how similar clocks have been valued in the market. We can assess the condition, including if the clock has been altered. A good antique dealer will gauge preservation, cleanliness, working parts, and any other factor that impacts a clock’s worth. We look at resale value based on matters like relative desirability and rarity.

While the craftsmanship of the clockmaker who made the clock and prior ownership can play a part in value the biggest influencer will be condition. Naturally, the better the condition the more the clock is worth. A working clock is far more desirable than one that doesn’t. An unrestored clock versus the same clock with its original glass replaced will change the dynamic. You want to look at decorative elements, labels, and intact signatures.

Where your trusted dealer really plays their part is in security and protection. While uninformed dealers are ready to learn, scammers will outright use your lack of knowledge to their advantage. We’ve had customers walk in to have their already purchased antique clock assessed and was forced to sadly inform them that they’ve been the victim of fraud.

Dutch Antiques carries a variety of antique clocks for sale. Our assortment is quite divers and dynamic as each product is unique. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, let us know. We’ll put our vast resources to work and find the clock you’re searching for. We’re based in Perth, Australia, but we sell our antique clocks internationally and can ship to many locations worldwide.