Clock buying 101 series – Where to buy?

When you are looking at antique clocks for sale you may not be sure where to go. In the modern era many people start their search online. Generally speaking there are three places where you can buy an antique clock: a local specialist clock shop, at an auction or in antique shops.

As you may expect you can find the largest amount of antique clocks at specialist clock shops. The advantage is that there is specialist knowledge about clocks at these shops. Even if your clock requires repair at a certain stage, you will find that clock shops often have the skills and knowledge to repair clocks. Please refer to our article on how to find the right clock maker to repair your clock.

Another advantage besides the repair skills and knowledge is that the owner of the clock shop has vast knowledge about clocks, their history and authenticity. You will also have plenty of time to look around, ask questions and even come back another day. At Dutch Antique Time Pieces we have experience since 1976, nearly 45 years ago.

Dutch Antique Time Pieces Shop Perth

At auctions you have limited time and information before you have to decide to buy the clock. There is also the pressure of time, which is usually an advantage to the people with a lot of knowledge, but not for the beginner as they cannot assess the value, authenticity and state of a clock.

In antique shops you don’t feel the time pressure of auctions, which is good. But as they are not specialised in clocks, they can often only give you limited information about antique clocks, let alone that you can come back if any problems arise.

We sell a wide variety of clocks and scientific instruments from our local shop in Nedlands (Perth), Western Australia. However we have clients all around the world who are looking for antique clocks. Just come into our antique clock store and we are more than happy to help you with any enquiries.