The Canadian Arthur Pequegnat company Clocks

If you are looking for a very high-quality antique or vintage clock, then you can’t go wrong with the Canadian Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company.  Founded in 1904, they produced high quality clocks in Canada for nearly 40 years.  About 20 years after production stopped, the company became insolvent.  While the company may not have lasted, it had nothing to do with the quality the clocks they produced.  The company thrived prior to the modern industrial age, with the widespread use of automation and electricity becoming common, the company simply failed to adapt to the times, and their methods became obsolete.  Despite the end of the company, the clocks that they produced are still highly collectible, and often sell for as much as two times the number of similar clocks of American origin from the same time.

One particularly notable thing about the Arthur Pequengnat Clock Company was that clocks were not their initial area of expertise.  They started as bicycle manufacturing company and decided to branch out into clock making when they felt they could produce higher quality clocks locally in Canada than the ones that were being imported.  This bold step turned out to be quite fortuitous, and in short order the time as a bicycle manufacturer ended due to the tremendous demand for their clocks.

While scarcity of an item often directly correlates to the collectability and value, that isn’t the case with the Arthur Pequegnat Clocks.  These clocks were mass produced for nearly four decades and extremely popular in Canada, so there are quite a few of them still in circulation.  What drives their value has more to do with their quality, beauty, and reliability.  So, the good news is that you can probably find an Arthur Pequegnat if you are interested in one, and despite their desirable status in the collectable world, their price remains affordable for most people. They have a variety of clocks, such as antique wall clocks and antique bracket clocks.

If you are looking for a specific antique clock, feel free to get in touch with us and we’re happy to see if we can scout one for you.  While this isn’t likely to happen, for us, the most important thing is that you find what makes you happy.