What are the most common types of antique clocks?

Are you looking for a unique antique clock to decorate your home or add to your collectables? Antique clocks come in various fascinating sizes and styles. But without basic knowledge of the types of antique clocks in the market, it can be difficult to determine the perfect clock for your house. Nevertheless, there is a possibility you will have to choose between the four most common types of antique clocks: grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks, and cuckoo clocks. Antique clocks are great ornamental pieces to decorate your house. For instance, cuckoo clocks are unique timepieces to bring your home to life. More interesting is that they aren’t very hard to find as they are one of the most common antique clocks. In this article, we discus the most common types of antique clocks, from antique mantel clocks to wall clocks.


Antique Mantel clocks

Since the 1750s, mantle clocks have been among the most common antique clocks collectors sought after. Just like any other antique clock, an antique mantel clock should be no less than 100 years old. Not only are antique mantel clocks affordable, but also the most widespread collectable clocks. Generally, old antique mantel clocks are generally smaller than bracket clocks, although the two look similar. These ornamental pieces are made from ormolu, porcelain, and wood combinations. The wood is of great help in determining the mantel clock place of origin. Movements can last between 30 hours to 8 days around windings and are primarily made of brass or wood.

Antique Grandfather Clocks

These timepieces, also known as floor clocks, long-case clocks, and tall-case clocks, can complement the aesthetics and décor of your room. Since the 17 century, the Grandfather clocks are perfect pieces to include in your house decorative ornaments. Originally, the clocks were made of beech, mahogany, and oak. These weight-driven pendulum timepieces feature freestanding and are mostly customised with detailed ornamentation. The grandfather clocks come in large sizes. Thus, the best place to place them is the ground floor of your house. Traditionally, people placed these prized showpieces in the living room, foyer, study, or any house’s public areas. Do you have spacious foyers and entry walls? These make perfect areas to display grandfather clock. The antique grandfather clocks are the most valuable collections. The clock will have more value and historical significance if you can identify the manufacturer, determine the previous owner, or trace its origin.


Antique Cuckoo Clocks

These aesthetically pleasing timepieces feature decorative creatures and figurines. The old cuckoo clocks, especially the Black Forest, are worth mint. There are reasons collectors actively seek out the Black Forest antique cuckoo clock. Usually, the outer wood case is dark wood customised with forest and folk scenes. Then there is the cuckoo and its features. The cuckoo clocks were favourite mementoes of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland travellers. Today, antique cuckoo clocks are the most popular ornamental clocks. Not only is the cuckoo clock decorative, but also functional. The clock features bellows and pipe mounted on the side. Opposite the bellow vents, the slots cut through the wood frame. This allows you to hear the sound of the clock when the tiny cuckoo emerges to announce the hour. These decorative clocks add a traditional appearance to your living room.


Antique Wall Clocks

As the name suggests, the antique wall clocks are mostly designed to be mounted on the wall. These authentic timepieces come in different styles, designs, and sizes. There are wooden antique wall clocks. The wooden clocks are durable because they are made of polished hardwood of high quality. The other types of wall clocks are made of metal. However, some are made of a combination of metal and hardwood, while others are designed entirely out of metal. The well-age clocks come with unique designs and look good on your living room walls. Wall clocks can make a unique decorative addition to your house.