The beauty of antique wall clocks

Antique wall clocks are the perfect aesthetic addition to your living room. The word antique translates to well-aged with the items being over a century old. Presently, the ageing sneaks us into the Victorian era, where uniquely designed wall clocks were the order of the day.

Aside from the good looks of the wall clocks, their durability is excellent. If you set your mind on wall clocks, there are several things you need to keep in mind to get an authentic piece. Below are key points to look at when getting these fantastic timepieces.

Where to buy antique wall clocks?

Being antique usually results in not many of their type are widely available in good condition. At Dutch Antique Time Pieces we are specialised in finding antique wall clocks in excellent conditions. Every piece has a story to tell. We are always looking at how unique the clock is, the condition of the product and a wide variety of construction dates. We can even find clocks on demand if you are looking for something very specific. So please go through our antique wall clock assortment or contact us if you are looking for a specific item.

Design & style

The antique wall clocks come in various designs and sizes to meet your needs. There are the wooden types made entirely of high-quality polished hardwood that boost their durability. They are excellent if you want a nostalgic feeling ambience in your house and the slick finishing adds a touch of sophistication to your interior.

There are also metal wall clocks; some even made entirely out of metal while others feature wooden parts. They are durable, and due to their age, they feature a striking rustic appearance. Additionally there are steampunk-like clocks with Victorian-era influences in the design and feature exposed gears.

The face is also essential and feature stack colours such as grey, faded cream or pearl white. The digits are large, mostly Hindu/Arabic or Roman numerals. There might be minor decorations punctuating them, and you may opt for them if the design is appealing to you.

Apart from the different designs featured, there are also different styles. They range from the traditional mid-size wall clock, which most of the time assumes a circular configuration. The regulator clocks are another nostalgia-inducing wall art that features a pendulum.

Still looking at the pendulum, you also have the cuckoo clock that is also an excellent antique clock that is very popular.

At Dutch Antique Time Pieces we also have decades of experience repairing clocks.