Clock of the Month – October – Winterhalter & Hoffmeier

A piece of history with a story. This Winterhalter & Hoffmeier mantle clock (ca 1880) is loved by collectors. The origin of the company goes back all the way to 1810 when Thomas Winterhalter founded his firm. He moved in with the family Friedenweiler a few years later. But it wasn’t until the 1850’s when the company was called Winterhalder & Hoffmeier when Johannas Hoffmeier got involved. Since then the company has had several minor name changes until it eventually had to close its doors due to problems related to the First World War.

This beautiful clock has an oak case and 8 day movement. This clock is of a high quality standard as it is made in the Black Forest. The oak case is beautifully combined with the silver engraved dial.

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